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... og Stjernsundet/Sørøysundet. Denne rapporten oppsummerer geologi og bunnforhold i de aktuelle fjordområdene basert på dybdeforhold og ... er dominert av sandholdig grus og grusholdig sand. Geologi og bunnforhold i Andfjorden og Stjernsundet Sørøysundet ...
This report presents the results from bedrock mapping in the Mauken tectonic window, carried out in several periods in 2011-2013. During the NGU MINN program, the Mauken area has been subject to a high-resolution airborne geophysical survey (magnetometry, radiometry, EM), followed by bedrock mapping and structural geology investigations.
The Hamn gabbro on Senja is an arcuate body extending from Hamn in the N to Gryllefjordbotn in the S, a distance of just under 10 km. Its average width is ca. 2 km. Its age is 1800±3 Ma, based on U-Pb dating of zircon. The Ni mineralization at the shore at Hamn was mined from 1872-1886, yielding 105,000 t of ore: c. 1000t of nickel and cobalt and 500 t of copper were produced from ore with an average grade of 0.9%Ni. The main ore lens at Hamn is c.
As a part of the MINN project (Minerals in Northern Norway) a helicopter-borne geophysical survey were performed at Senja in 2012 – 2014. Electromagnetic data from this survey showed up anomalies that could be caused by large graphite mineralisations. Geophysical and geological follow-up work was carried out at three locations in 2016, Hesten, Vardfjellet and Grunnvåg, with additional funds from the Troms County administration.
As a part of the MINN project (Minerals in Northern Norway) helicopter-borne geophysical surveys were performed on Senja and in Kvæfjord. Electromagnetic data from these surveys showed up anomalies that could be caused by large graphite mineralisation.
The geological lineament pattern on the island of Hinnøya, Vesterålen archipelago in Norway, was studied by means of remote sensing techniques. One quarterscene of Landsat TM covering 90 km x 90 km with a spatial resolution of 30 m, registered 900720, was used to extract these structural features.
This drill hole is the first at Jettan in the Nordnes mountain, named NN-01-12. The borehole was drilled during summer/autumn 2012 by Arctic drilling and the drill core was logged at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) in May 2013. The cores are now stored at Løkken drill core and rock sample storage at the NGU. The drill core is approximately 200 metre long (198.8 m) and due to fracture and/or fault zones the drill hole was cemented and re-drilled several times to keep stable.
Lineament patterns in the coast-region from Lofoten to Loppa, is investigated. Exposure of fault-rocks show a variety of modes of deformation from ductile to brittle.Relative movements are indicated in some places, showing small strike-slip components and large vertical components. The area represents an elevated substratum for post-Caledonian basin-sediments.
Two drill holes are located at Jettan in the Nordnes mountain in Troms county, named BH 02-2013 and BH 03-2013. The boreholes were drilled during summer/autumn 2013 by Arctic drilling and the drill cores were logged at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) in January 2014. Both drill cores are approximately 100 meter long (98.08 and 100.94 m) and due to fracture and/or fault zones the drill hole were cemented and re-drilled several times to keep stable.
... foreligger i NGU Publikasjon nr. 213, 175 - 196: "The Geologi of the Caledonides of the Reisa Valley Area." Se også GM Rapport nr. ...
... beskrivelse omfatter følgende: Innledning, kvartær- geologi generelt, kvartærgeologi innen mandatområdet, Grus- og ... Sammenfattende bemerkninger Litteratur: økonomisk geologi Utredningen er trykket og utgitt i NOU nr. 18 A og nr. 18 B 1978 ...
This report describes the final results from the project: Sedimentation, tectonics and uplift in Vesterålen. Phase 1 - Localizing near-shore faults and Mesozoic sediment basins, run by the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) as a joint project with Statoil. Norsk Hydo and Enterprise Oil Norge Ltd.
An integrated study of geophysical data from the offshore and onshore areas of northern Norway between 67° and 71°N was carried out as a collaboration project between Elf Petroleum, Norsk Hydro, The Norwegian Petroleum Direc- torate, Statoil and the Geological survey of Norway. The interpretation of aeromagnetic, gravimetric and petrophysical data was integrated with mapping and palaeomagnetic dating of post-Caledonian faults on land.
Rapporten inneholder beskrivelse av forkastninger og skjærsoner som opptrer på kartblad 1:250 000 Tromsø. Beskrivelsen er basert på eget feltarbeid utført somrene 1990 og 1991 og laboratorie-undersøkelser. Videre fra trykte publikasjoner og kart og upublisert materiale vesentlig fra andre geologer.
Rapporten oppsummerer feltarbeid og analyser fra kartlegging av ustabile fjellsider i Troms høsten 2010 under prosjekt ROS Fjellskred i Troms. Av 103 potensielt ustabile fjellsider ble 17 fjellsider besøkt eller rekognosert av geologer i 2010. Av disse var 12 ikke tidligere besøkt av geologer. Videre ble 12 fjellsider innmålt med differensiel GPS (dGPS) og 7 fjellsider ble skannet med bakkebasert laser (lidar).
The individual papers and reports from the NEONOR2 project (Neotectonics in Nordland - implications for petroleum exploration) are compiled in the present report. The results are also summarized and compared to the results from previous research projects (e.g. NEONOR project 1997-2000). The NEONOR2 project was a collaboration project between NGU, Kartverket, NORSAR, Norut, NPD and the universities of Bergen and Luleå.
Det skulle foretas geofysiske undersøkelser over aktuelle partier i strøket Loftani - Rieppis for kartlegging av eventuelle malmsoner. Målingene foregikk i fortsettelsen mot syd av feltet som i 1953 ble målt i området Grytlien - Loftani (GM Rapport nr. 108). Geolog Johs Færden anviste feltet i marken. Feltet er kartlagt geologisk av professor Th. Vogt. Malmen består hovedsakelig av magnetkis med noe kobberkis og svovelkis og opptrer i tynne soner konform skifrigheten.
66 ustabile fjellpartier er undersøkt i løpet av feltsesongene 2011 og 2012. 45 av de ustabile fjellpartiene er feltbefart for første gang av geologer fra NGU, og 19 av disse er avskrevet som ikke ustabile fjellpartier. De resterende ustabile fjellpartier har enten blitt kartlagt ytterligere, eller det har blitt utført ren datainnsamling uten videre kartlegging.
... litteratur er det gjort et sammendrag av områdets geologi og laget en oversikt over kjente malm-mineraliseringer. Området viser ...
In July 2002, a helicopter geophysical survey was carried out over Ringvassøy, Troms county. The purpose of the surveys was to provide geophysical information for mineral exploration. The data were collected and processed by Geological Survey of Norway (NGU). A total of about 1589 line-km of electromagnetic (EM), very low frequency EM (VLF), radiometric, and magnetic data were acquired using a nominal 200-m line spacing.
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