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The report compares some aspects of the activities of the Geological Surveys of Finland and Norway and suggests a number of means by which cooperation between the two organisations can be developed. The appendices are two papers on which the writer worked during a period of study leave at the Geological Survey of Finland office in Espoo.
The ultimate objective of this project is to contribute directly to establishing necessary confidence that the CO2 in specific geological storage sites will be effectively retained for a time scale of thousands of years.
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Lutro, Ole Rønningen, Åse 0800-3416 Geologi Eidsvoll - Kleverud 2008.040 Rapporten er en sammenstilling av ...
The aim of this study was to determine the link between structural geology and the hydrogeological system of the Numedalen valley from Kongsberg to Hvittingfoss (Buskerud county) within the framework of the GEOS program. Three main geological units are presented: (1) Precambrian basement, (2) Late Caledonian sedimentary fold-and-thrust belt and (3) Premian Oslo Rift, all having a very low porosity and intrinsic permeability.
The Geological Survey of Norway has compiled an inventory of hard rock aggregate deposits in coastal Norway. This report contains a catalogue of Norwegian coastal quarries presently in production and exporting, as well as of potential production areas along the coast of South-Central Norway and Finnmark. In 2007 13.6 million tonnes of aggregates were exported to Europe, and about 3.0 million tonnes were used by the offshore oil and gas industry on the continental shelf.
The mining company Nussir AS is interested in (re-)evaluating the copper resources in a dolomite layer of the Nussir area in the Kvalsund municipality (Finnmark). To get a better estimate of the extent of this ore deposit and to gain the understanding of the principal geological structure of the region, NGU performed helicopter-borne geophysical measurements (magnetic, frequency-domain EM, spectral gamma ray radiometry) in the Nussir area (size: ~190 km2) in autumn 2007.
A high-resolution aeromagnetic survey (RAP-07) was carried out in an area of ca. 158 km2 over the northeastern part of the island Andøya in Vesterålen, northern Norway. Data processing comprised spike removal and data editing, IGRF correction and diurnal variation correction as well as microlevelling. Four maps were produced for the survey area. One of these shows magnetic total field anomalies after correction for the IGRF of 2005.
The mining company Wega Mining AS is interested in (re-)evaluating the copper resource around the Ulveryggen in the Kvalsund municipality (Finnmark). In this region Folldal Verk A/S run a copper mine that was closed in 1979.
The objective of this study was to investigate methods to resolve the problem of mapping basalts and basement in a continental margin setting. It is well known that basalts may trap considerable amounts og hydrocarbons accumulated in sediments below the basalts. A 3D model of the Møre margin offshore Norway was constructed by a forward modelling employing the gravity and magnetic fields. Numerous independent data were used to diminish the nonuniqueness of the method.
REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals), the new European Chemicals Regulation was adopted in December 2006. It came into force on the 1st June 2007. REACH, as well as the pending EU Soil Protection Directive, require additional knowledge about "soil quality" at the European scale.
... 2008.019 Som en del av NGUs forskningsprogram GEOS (Geologi i Oslo-området) har det blitt utført ulike hydrogeologiske ...