NGU Bulletin 445 - 2005

The geology of the Vaddas area, Troms: a key to our understanding of the Upper Allochthon in the Caldonides of northern Norway
Ingvar Lindahl, Brian P. J. Stevens, Klaas Bouke Zwaan
Page(s): s.5-43
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A new Rb-Sr isotopic parameter for metasomatism, At, and its application in study of pluri-fenitized gneisses around the Fen ring complex.
Robert Henri Verschure, Cornelis Maijer
Page(s): s.45-71
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The Tromsø-Lyngen glacier readvance (early Younger Dryas) at Hinnøya-Ofotfjorden, northern Norway: a reassessment
Bjørn Bergstrøm, Lars Olsen, Harald Sveian
Page(s): s.73-88
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A 6-ka climatic cycle during at least the last 50,000 years.
Lars Olsen, Øyvind Hammer
Page(s): s.89-100
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The Raudfjellet ophiolite fragment, Central Norwegian Caledonides: principal lithological and structural features.
Lars Petter Nilsson, David Roberts, Donald M. Ramsay
Page(s): s.101-117
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