NGU Bulletin 440 - 2002

Timing of late- to post-tectonic Sveconorwegian granitic magmatism in South Norway.
Tom Andersen, Arild Andresen, Arthur G. Sylvester
Page(s): 5-18
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Age and petrogenesis of the Tinn granite, Telemark, South Norway, and its geochemical relationship to metarhyolite of the Rjukan Group.
Tom Andersen, Arthur G. Sylvester, Arild Andresen
Page(s): 19-26
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Devonian ages from 40 Ar/39Ar dating of plagioclase in dolerite dykes, eastern Varanger Peninsula, North Norway.
Philip G. Guise, David Roberts
Page(s): 27-37
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Mid and Late Weichselian, ice-sheet fluctuations northwest of the Svartisen glacier, Nordland, northern Norway.
Lars Olsen
Page(s): 39-52
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