Trond Slagstads bilde

Trond Slagstad



Research interests:

The Late Mesoproterozoic Sveconorwegian orogen and associated Mo- and Ni- mineralisations.

The Svecofennian orogen and associated mineralisations.

The Late Mesoproterozoic Grenville orogen in eastern Canada.




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Student supervision:


Current students:

Anette Granseth (PhD, NTNU)

Trond Harstad (PhD, NTNU)

Kristine Nymoen (MSc, NTNU)

Steinar Halvdan Møkkelgjerd (MSc, NTNU)


Past students:


Ingjerd Ulsaker Høy (MSc, NTNU): Sveconorwegian magmatic and metamorphic evolution of southwestern Norway.

Anne Bruland Høyen (MSc, NTNU): Within plate gabbroic intrusion at 565 Ma in the Uppermost Allochthon.



Anette Utgården Granseth (MSc, NTNU): Deformation, Phyllonitization and Associated Element Mobilization of Granitoid Rocks. A geochemical study of the Fagervika granitoid, Norway.

Stine Kjønsvik Bang (MSc, NTNU): Geokjemiske analyser av molybdenitt og andre sulfider i granittiske bergarter fra Knaben.

Martin Austin Stormoen (MSc, NTNU): Synkinematic intrusion of granitoid sheets, with implications for molybdenite deposits in the Knaben Zone.



Bjørgunn Heggem Dalslåen (MSc, UiB): Geological evolution of the Mesoproterozoic Nesflaten supracrustal unit.

Simone Sauer (MSc, University of Bremen): A Lu-Hf isotope study of zircons from high-alumina orthopyroxene megacrysts from the Neoproterozoic Rogaland Anorthosite Province, SW Norway: A window to the Sveconorwegian lower crust



Jon Haugestaul (MSc, NTNU): Geological mapping, metamorphic- and structural analysis in the Precambrian of Madland, SW Rogaland, Norway.