Send electronic invoice to NGU

The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) requires electronic invoices. Our electronic invoice address for all units is: Organization number # 970 188 290.

To ensure fast and accurate processing of the invoice, all invoices must be marked with either:

Purchase order number that you were given when ordering, or Orderer's reference consisting of the NGU code which is 4 digits (3580) and 6 letters. Example of code = "3580uvwxyz".

Non-electronic invoices

Invoices that for various reasons cannot be delivered in electronic format will be scanned and processed until payment.

This means that information on all supplier invoices will be read and interpreted by machine. The invoices must therefore be of good quality, clear, and readable.

NGU has the following invoice address:

Geological Survey of Norway

Invoice Reception DFØ P.O. Box 4746 Torgarden

7468 Trondheim


If you have questions, please contact:

The Finance Section at NGU:

DFØ customer center for accounting. Phone: 407 67 157 or email: