Norway and EU enter industrial partnership on critical raw materials

Avdelingsgdirektør Henrik Schiellerup, NGU
Head of department at NGU, Henrik Schiellerup. Photo: Karl Jørgen Marthinsen/NGU

As part of the formerly established "Green Alliance", Norway and the EU signed a bilateral strategic industry partnership agreement March 21. The partners aim to develop and ensure integrated value chains for sustainable production and supply of land-based critical raw materials and batteries.

-The European Union’s efforts to ensure sustainable and robust value chains for raw materials within the European market is incredibly important also for Norway – and for us at the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) in particular. Norway is rich on critical raw materials and has a substantial potential for increased mineral production. Thus, this new industrial partnership is a great leap forward both for Norway and the EU, says Head of Department at NGU, Henrik Sciellerup.

Less vulnerable supply chains

“The Industrial partnership will initially encompass development of integrated value chains for critical raw materials and batteries. Raw materials such as minerals and metals are essential for the green and digital transformation, and Norway is an important supplier of many critical raw materials”.

-It makes us vulnerable that large parts of the supply chains for critical raw materials are concentrated in individual countries, such as China. Therefore, we must contribute to ensuring both our own and our partners' access to minerals and metals needed for the green and digital transformation. Increased cooperation with the EU in this area can reduce vulnerabilities in the value chains, said Minister of Trade and Industry, Jan Christian Vestre.

Green alliance

According to the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry And Fisheries' press release, this industry partnership is the first building block under the Green Alliance:

-This industrial partnership creates a win-win situation for Norway and the EU. To achieve our ambitious climate and green transition goals, we need to work even more closely. With this green industrial partnership on land-based raw materials and batteries, we will reach our goals faster while also facilitating economic growth, increased investments, and more green jobs in Norway," said Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre.

-We are bringing cooperation between the EU and Norway to another level, as today’s signature is of strategic value. It will create a wide range of business and research opportunities on both sides, strengthening both our industrial base and our political bond, said Executive Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič.

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