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... Per 0800-3416 1172/4 Undersøkelsene var en del av NGU's blyprosjekt, og det henvises til rapporter over tidligere målinger i området: NGU nr. 1038/3A, Galåfeltet og NGU nr. 1103/1A, Osenfeltet. Hensikten med ...
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 Sofie Gradmann
Sofie Gradmann
Telefon: 73904460 - E-post: sofie.gradmann@ngu.no
CURRENT PROJECTS COOP3 (Continental Onshore-Offshore Programme) - modelling of flexural strength along the Norwegian margin BOOST (Barents Sea Onshore-Offshore Structural and Thermal Modelling) - Project Management DP1_Geofysikk (part of Undergrunnsprogrammet UGP) Updating and extending the national database for ground geophysics, new solutions for data registration, new methods for accessing and visualizing of data - Project Management PREVIOUS PROJECTS NEONOR2 (Neotectonics in Northern Norway) - 3D modelling of the stress field in the Nordland region NAGTEC - a tectonostratigraphic atlas for the NE Atlantic TOPOSCANDIA deep (part of TOPOEUROPE) - investigating the deep structure of the Scnadinavian mountains EDUCATION AND CAREER 2013-present: researcher at NGU 2010-2013: Post Doctoral scholar at NGU 2005-2012: Ph. D. Student at Dept. of Earth Sciences, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada. Thesis: `The evolution of Deep-Water Salt-Tectonic Structures - Numerical Modeling Studies applied to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico’ 2004 –2005: Scientific employee at German Federal Institution for Geosciences and NaturalResources (BGR), Section for Marine Seismic Survey Techniques and Method Development (now Marine Resource Exploration) 2004: Diploma in Geophysics (equivalent to M.Sc.), Institute of Geophysics, University of Hamburg, Germany. Thesis: ‘Seismic studies of salt tectonic structures in the Levantine Basin’ 1999-2003: Undergraduate research assistant, Institute of Geophysics, University of Hamburg, Germany COMMITTEES EPOS Solid Earth Science Committee National Broadband Seismometer Pool Committee AWARDS 2005-2009 Killam Predoctoral Scholarship (awarded by Dalhousie University) 2005-2007 Government of Canada Award (awarded by Foreign Affairs Canada) 2007 Studentship Prize for oral presentation at AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, USA (awarded by Basin Research, Journal of Blackwell Publishing) 2005 Bernd Rendel Prize in Geosciences (awarded by the German Research Foundation)
Tobias Himmler
Tobias Himmler
Telefon: 73904284 - E-post: tobias.himmler@ngu.no
RESEARCH INTERESTS seabed fluid flow processes using element patterns and isotope signatures to elucidate geochemical processes microbial-induced mineral precipitation EDUCATION 2011: Dr. rer. nat. (= Ph.D.), University of Bremen, Germany 2007: Diploma (= M.Sc.), Geology–Palaeontology, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany   PUBLICATIONS (https://scholar.google.de/citations?hl=en&user=8qMlHKQAAAAJ) Smrzka D, Zwicker J, Bach W, Feng D, Himmler T, Chen D, Peckmann J (accepted), The behavior of trace elements in seawater, sedimentary pore water, and their incorporation into carbonate minerals: A review. Facies. 2019 Himmler T, Sahy D, Martma T, Bohrmann G, Plaza-Faverola A, Bünz S, Condon D, Knies J, Lepland A (2019), A 160,000-year-old history of tectonically controlled methane seepage in the Arctic. Science Advances 5,  DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw1450. Hong WL, Lepland A, Himmler T, Kim J-H,Chand S, Sahy D, Solomon EA, Rae JWB, Martma T, Nam S-I, Knies J (2019), Discharge of meteoric water in the eastern Norwegian Sea since the last glacial period. Geophysical Research Letters. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019GL084237 Tamborrino L, Himmler T, Elvert M, Conti S, Gualtieri AF, Fontana D, Bohrmann G (2019), Formation of tubular carbonate concretions at Athina mud volcano, eastern Mediterranean Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology 107, 20–31. Sen A, Himmler T, Hong WL, Chitkara C, Lee RW, Ferré B, Lepland A, Knies J (2019), Atypical biological features of a new cold seep site on the Lofoten-Vesterålen continental margin (northern Norway). Scientific Reports 9, 1762. Preto N, Klügel A., Himmler T, Franceschi M (2019), Origin of facies zonation in microbial carbonate platform slopes: clues from trace element and stable isotope geochemistry (Middle Triassic, Dolomites, Italy). Sedimentology 66, 81 – 101.   2018 Zwicker J, Smrzka D, Himmler T, Monien P, Gier S, Goedert JL, Peckmann J (2018), Rare earth elements as tracers for microbial activity and early diagenesis: A new perspective from carbonate cements of ancient methane-seep deposits. Chemical Geology 501, 77–85. Gallagher SJ, Reuning L, Himmler T, Henderiks J, De Vleeschouwer D, Groeneveld J, Rastegar Lari A, Fulthorpe CS, Bogus K, Expedition 356 Shipboard Scientists (2018), The enigma of rare Quaternary oolites in the Indian and Pacific Oceans: A result of global oceanographic physicochemical conditions or a sampling bias? Quaternary Science Reviews 200, 114–122. Himmler T, Smrzka D, Zwicker J, Kasten S, Shapiro RS, Bohrmann G, Peckmann J (2018), Stromatolites below the photic zone in the northern Arabian Sea formed by calcifying chemotrophic microbial mats. Geology 46, 339–342.   2017 and older Christensen BA, Renema W, Henderiks J, De Vleeschouwer D, Auer G, Reuning L, Groeneveld J, Castaneda I, Ishiwa T, Bogus K, McHugh CM, Gallagher SJ, Fulthorpe CS, and Exp. 356 Scientists (2017), Indonesian Through­flow drove Australian climate from humid Pliocene to arid Pleistocene. Geophys. Res. Lett., 44, 6914–6925. Groeneveld J, Henderiks J, Renema W, McHugh CM, De Vleeschouwer D, Christensen BA, Fulthorpe CS, Reuning L, Gallagher SJ, Bogus K, Auer G, Ishiwa T, and Expedition 356 Scientists (2017), Australian shelf sediments reveal shifts in Miocene Southern Hemisphere Westerlies. Science Advances 3. De Vleeschouwer D, Dunlea AG, Auer G, Anderson CH, Brumsack H, de Loach A, Gurnis M, Huh Y, Ishiwa T, Jang K, Kominz MA, März C, Schnetger B, Murray RW, Pälike H and Expedition 356 shipboard scientists (2017), Quantifying K, U, and Th contents of marine sediments using shipboard natural gamma radiation spectra measured on DV JOIDES Resolution, Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 18, 1053–1064. Himmler T, Bayon G, Wangner D, Enzmann F, Peckmann J, Bohrmann G (2016), Seep-carbonate lamination controlled by cyclic particle flux. Scientific Reports 6, 37439. Himmler T, Birgel D, Bayon G, Pape T, Ge L, Bohrmann G, Peckmann J (2015), Formation of seep carbonates along the Makran convergent margin, northern Arabian Sea and a molecular and isotopic approach to constrain the carbon isotopic composition of parent methane. Chemical Geology 415, 102–117. Sultan N, Bohrmann G, Ruffine L, Pape T, Riboulot V, Colliat JL, De Prunelé A, Dennielou B, Garziglia S, Himmler T, Marsset T, Peters CA, Rabiu A, Wei J (2014), Pockmark formation and evolution in deep water Nigeria: Rapid hydrate growth versus slow hydrate dissolution. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 119. Himmler T, Haley BA, Torres ME, Klinkhammer GP, Bohrmann G, Peckmann J (2013), Rare earth element geochemistry in cold-seep pore waters from Hydrate Ridge, off Oregon. Geo-Marine Letters 33, 369–379. Pierre C, Blanc-Valleron MM, Demange J, Boudouma O, Foucher JP, Pape T, Himmler T, Fekete N, Spiess V (2012), Authigenic carbonates from active methane seeps offshore South-West Africa. Geo-Marine Letters. DOI: 10.1007/s00367-012-0295-x Himmler T, Brinkmann F, Bohrmann G, Peckmann J (2011), Corrosion patterns of seep-carbonates from the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Terra Nova 23, 206–212. Himmler T, Bach W, Bohrmann G, Peckmann J (2010), Rare earth elements in authigenic methane-seep carbonates as tracers for fluid composition during early diagenesis. Chemical Geology 227, 126–136. Haas A, Little CTS, Sahling H, Bohrmann G, Himmler T, Peckmann J (2009), Mineralization of vestimentiferan tubes at methane seeps on the Congo deep-sea fan. Deep-Sea Research (I) 56, 283–293. Birgel D, Himmler T, Freiwald A, Peckmann J (2008), A new constraint on the antiquity of anaerobic oxidation of methane: Late Pennsylvanian seep limestones from southern Namibia. Geology 36, 543–546. Himmler T, Freiwald A, Stollhofen H, Peckmann J (2008), Late Carboniferous hydrocarbon-seep carbonates from the glaciomarine Dwyka Group, southern Namibia. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 257, 185–197.
 Trond Slagstad
Trond Slagstad
Telefon: 73904229 - E-post: trond.slagstad@ngu.no
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8059-2426 Research interests: My research interests revolve around the late Archaean through Proterozoic tectonic evolution of the Fennoscandian Shield and its impact on the formation of metallogenetic provinces, the Great Proterozoic Accretionary Orogen in Laurentia and Fennoscandia, and the origin and history of nappes in the Scandinavian Caledonides. Much of my work revolves around the use of isotopic data, mainly U-Pb in zircon, titanite and monazite, Lu-Hf, Sm-Nd, Pb-Pb, Rb-Sr and S. Publications: 2020 Granseth, A., Slagstad, T., Coint, N., Roberts, N.M.W., Røhr, T.S., Sørensen, B.E., 2020. Tectonomagmatic evolution of the Sveconorwegian orogen recorded in the chemical and isotopic compositions of 1070–920 Ma granitoids. Precambrian Research 340, 105527. Maystrenko, Y.P., Slagstad, T., 2020. Radiogenic trigger and driver for continental rifting and initial ocean spreading. Terra Nova 32, 159-165. Slagstad, T., Saalmann, K., Kirkland, C.L., Høyen, A.B., Storruste, B.K., Coint, N., Pin, C., Marker, M., Bjerkgård, T., Krill, A.G., Solli, A., Boyd, R., Angvik, T.L., Larsen, R.B., 2020. Late Neoproterozoic through Silurian tectonic evolution of the Rödingsfjället Nappe Complex, orogen-scale correlations and implications for the Scandian suture. Geological Society, London, Special Publications. 2019 Slagstad, T., Kulakov, E., Kirkland, C.L., Roberts, N.M.W., Ganerød, M., 2019. Breaking the Grenville–Sveconorwegian link in Rodinia reconstructions. Terra Nova 31, 430-437. 2018 Kirkland, C.L., Slagstad, T. & Johnson, T.E. 2018: Zircon as a metamorphic timekeeper: A case study from the Caledonides of central Norway. Gondwana Research 61, 63-72. Slagstad, T. & Kirkland, C.L. 2018: Timing of collision initiation and location of the Scandian orogenic suture in the Scandinavian Caledonides. Terra Nova 30, 179-188. Slagstad, T., Maystrenko, Y., Maupin, V. & Gradmann, S. 2018: An extinct, Late Mesoproterozoic, Sveconorwegian mantle wedge beneath SW Fennoscandia, reflected in seismic tomography and assessed by thermal modelling. Terra Nova 30, 72-77. Slagstad, T., Roberts, N.M.W., Coint, N., Høy, I., Sauer, S., Kirkland, C.L., Marker, M., Røhr, T.S., Henderson, I.H.C., Stormoen, M.A., Skår, Ø., Sørensen, B.E. & Bybee, G.M. 2018: Magma-driven, high-grade metamorphism in the Sveconorwegian Province, SW Norway during the terminal stages of Fennoscandian Shield evolution. Geosphere 14, 861-882. 2017 Ravna, E.K., Zozulya, D., Kullerud, K., Corfu, F., Nabelek, P.I., Janák, M., Slagstad, T., Davidsen, B., Selbekk, R.S. & Schertl, H.-P. 2017: Deep-seated Carbonatite Intrusion and Metasomatism in the UHP Tromsø Nappe, Northern Scandinavian Caledonides—a Natural Example of Generation of Carbonatite from Carbonated Eclogite. Journal of Petrology 58, 2403-2428. Slagstad, T. & Kirkland, C.L. 2017: The use of detrital zircon data in terrane analysis: A nonunique answer to provenance and tectonostratigraphic position in the Scandinavian Caledonides. Lithosphere 9, 1002-1011. Slagstad, T., Roberts, N.M.W. & Kulakov, E. 2017: Linking orogenesis across a supercontinent; the Grenvillian and Sveconorwegian margins on Rodinia. Gondwana Research 44, 109-115. 2016 Culshaw, N.G., Foster, J., Marsh, J., Slagstad, T. & Gerbi, C. 2016: Kiosk Domain, Central Gneiss Belt, Grenville Province, Ontario: a Labradorian palimpsest preserved in the ductile deep crust. Precambrian Research 280, 249-278.   2015 Bjerkgård, T., Slagstad, T., Henderson, I., Sandstad, J.S. & Schönenberger, J. 2015: Geology and gold in the Mauken basement window, Målselv, Troms. Norwegian Journal of Geology 95, 423-443. Slagstad, T., Willemoes-Wissing, B., Coint, N., Stampolidis, A., Ganerød, M. & Ofstad, F. 2015: Geology and metallogenic potential of the westernmost Norrbotten Province around Altevatn in Troms, northern Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology 95, 445-466. Coint, N., Slagstad, T., Roberts, N.M.W., Marker, M., Røhr, T. & Sørensen, B.E. 2015: The Late Mesoproterozoic Sirdal Magmatic Belt, SW Norway: Relationships between magmatism and metamorphism and implications for Sveconorwegian orogenesis. Precambrian Research 265, 57-77. Maystrenko, Y.P., Slagstad, T., Elvebakk, H.K., Olesen, O., Ganerød, G.V. & Rønning, J.S. 2015: New heat flow data from three boreholes near Bergen, Stavanger and Moss, southern Norway. Geothermics 56, 79-92. Roberts, N. & Slagstad, T. (2015) Continental growth and reworking on the edge of the Columbia and Rodinia supercontinents; 1.86-0.9 Ga accretionary orogeny in SW Fennoscandia. International Geology Review, 57, 1582-1606. Roberts, N.M.W., Slagstad, T. & Viola, G. 2015: The structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution of Mesoproterozoic orogens. Precambrian Research 265, 1-9. 2014 Faust, J. C., J. Knies, T. Slagstad, C. Vogt, G. Milzer & J. Giraudeau (2014) Geochemical composition of Trondheimsfjord surface sediments: Sources and spatial variability of marine and terrigenous components. Continental Shelf Research, 88, 61-71.   2013 Slagstad, T., N. M. W. Roberts, M. Marker, T. S. Røhr & H. Schiellerup (2013) A non-collisional, accretionary Sveconorwegian orogen – Reply. Terra Nova, 25, 169-171. Slagstad, T., N. M. W. Roberts, M. Marker, T. S. Røhr & H. Schiellerup (2013) A non-collisional, accretionary Sveconorwegian orogen. Terra Nova, 25, 30-37. Slagstad, T., C. Pin, D. Roberts, C. L. Kirkland, T. Grenne, G. Dunning, S. Sauer & T. Andersen (2013) Tectonomagmatic evolution of the Early Ordovician suprasubduction-zone ophiolites of the Trondheim Region, Mid-Norwegian Caledonides. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 390. Roberts, N. M. W., T. Slagstad, R. R. Parrish, M. J. Norry, M. Marker & M. S. A. Horstwood (2013) Sedimentary recycling in arc magmas: geochemical and U–Pb–Hf–O constraints on the Mesoproterozoic Suldal Arc, SW Norway. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 507-523. Culshaw, N. G., T. Slagstad, M. Raistrick & J. Dostal (2013) Geochemical, geochronological and isotopic constraints on the origin of members of the allochthonous Shawanaga and basal Parry Sound domains, Central Gneiss Belt, Grenville Province, Ontario. Precambrian Research, 228, 131-150.   2011 Slagstad, T., B. Davidsen & J. S. Daly (2011) Age and composition of crystalline basement rocks on the Norwegian continental margin: offshore extension and continuity of the Caledonian-Appalachian orogenic belt. Journal of the Geological Society, 168, 1167-1185.   2009 Slagstad, T., N. G. Culshaw, J. S. Daly & R. A. Jamieson (2009) Western Grenville Province holds key to midcontinental Granite-Rhyolite Province enigma. Terra Nova, 21, 181-187. Slagstad, T., N. Balling, H. Elvebakk, K. Midttømme, O. Olesen, L. Olsen & C. Pascal (2009) Heat-flow measurements in Late Palaeoproterozoic to Permian geological provinces in south and central Norway and a new heat-flow map of Fennoscandia and the Norwegian - Greenland Sea. Tectonophysics, 473, 341-361. Kirkland, C. L., M. J. Whitehouse & T. Slagstad (2009) Fluid-assisted zircon and monazite growth within a shear zone: a case study from Finnmark, Arctic Norway. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, doi:10.1007/s00410-009-0401-x.   2008 Slagstad, T., K. Midttømme, R. K. Ramstad & D. Slagstad. 2008. Factors influencing shallow (< 1000 m depth) temperatures and their significance for extraction of ground-source heat. In Geology for Society, ed. T. Slagstad, 99-109. Geological Survey of Norway. Slagstad, T., C. Barrére, B. Davidsen & R. K. Ramstad (2008) Petrophysical and thermal properties of pre-Devonian basement rocks on the Norwegian continental margin. Norges geologiske undersøkelse Bulletin, 448, 1-6. Slagstad, T. (2008) Radiogenic heat production of Archaean to Permian geological provinces in Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology, 88, 149-166.   2006 Slagstad, T., V. A. Melezhik, C. L. Kirkland, K. B. Zwaan, D. Roberts, I. M. Gorokhov & A. E. Fallick (2006) Carbonate isotope chemostratigraphy suggests revisions to the geological history of the West Finnmark Caledonides, North Norway. Journal of the Geological Society of London, 163, 277-289. Slagstad, T. (2006) Chemical (U–Th–Pb) dating of monazite:Analytical protocol for a LEO 1450VP scanning electron microscope and examples from Rogaland and Finnmark, Norway. Norges geologiske undersøkelse Bulletin, 446, 11-18. Slagstad, T. (2006) Did hot, high heat-producing granites determine the location of the Oslo Rift? Tectonophysics, 412, 105-119.   2005 Slagstad, T., R. A. Jamieson & N. G. Culshaw (2005) Formation, crystallisation, and migration of melt in the mid-orogenic crust: Muskoka domain migmatites, Grenville Province, Ontario. Journal of Petrology, 46, 893-919.   2004 Slagstad, T., M. A. Hamilton, R. A. Jamieson & N. G. Culshaw (2004) Timing and duration of melting in the mid orogenic crust: Constraints from U-Pb (SHRIMP) data, Muskoka and Shawanaga domains, Grenville Province, Ontario. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 41, 1339-1365. Slagstad, T., N. G. Culshaw, R. A. Jamieson & J. W. F. Ketchum. 2004. Early Mesoproterozoic tectonic history of the southwestern Grenville Province, Ontario: Constraints from geochemistry and geochronology of high-grade gneisses. In Proterozoic tectonic evolution of the Grenville orogen in North America, eds. R. P. Tollo, L. Corriveau, J. McLelland & M. J. Bartholomew, 209-241.   2003 Slagstad, T. (2003) Geochemistry of trondhjemites and mafic rocks in the Bymarka ophiolite fragment, Trondheim, Norway: Petrogenesis and tectonic implications. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift, 83, 167-185.   2002 Roberts, D., N. Walker, T. Slagstad, A. Solli & A. Krill (2002) U-Pb zircon ages from the Bymarka ophiolite, near Trondheim, central Norwegian Caledonides, and regional implications. Norsk Geologisk Tidsskrift, 82, 19-30.   Student supervision:   Current students: Anette Granseth (PhD, NTNU) Trond Harstad (PhD, NTNU) Alf Andre Orvik (PhD, NTNU) Harald Hansen (PhD, UiT)   Past students: 2020 Gina Bjerkan (MSc, NTNU): Zircon U-Pb geochronology and whole-rock geochemistry of migmatitic gneisses reveal the late Paleoproterozoic through Devonian history of the Western Gneiss Region 2019 Kristine Nymoen (MSc, NTNU): Palaeoproterozoic Tectonomagmatic Evolution and Crustal Architecture of the SW Margin of Fennoscandia Steinar Halvdan Møkkelgjerd (MSc, NTNU): Metamorphic and magmatic evolution near Mandal, Vest-Agder; a key area for elucidating Sveconorwegian orogenesis 2016 Ingjerd Ulsaker Høy (MSc, NTNU): Sveconorwegian magmatic and metamorphic evolution of southwestern Norway Anne Bruland Høyen (MSc, NTNU): Within plate gabbroic intrusion at 565 Ma in the Uppermost Allochthon   2015 Anette Utgården Granseth (MSc, NTNU): Deformation, Phyllonitization and Associated Element Mobilization of Granitoid Rocks. A geochemical study of the Fagervika granitoid, Norway Stine Kjønsvik Bang (MSc, NTNU): Geokjemiske analyser av molybdenitt og andre sulfider i granittiske bergarter fra Knaben Martin Austin Stormoen (MSc, NTNU): Synkinematic intrusion of granitoid sheets, with implications for molybdenite deposits in the Knaben Zone   2011 Bjørgunn Heggem Dalslåen (MSc, UiB): Geological evolution of the Mesoproterozoic Nesflaten supracrustal unit Simone Sauer (MSc, University of Bremen): A Lu-Hf isotope study of zircons from high-alumina orthopyroxene megacrysts from the Neoproterozoic Rogaland Anorthosite Province, SW Norway: A window to the Sveconorwegian lower crust   2010 Jon Haugestaul (MSc, NTNU): Geological mapping, metamorphic- and structural analysis in the Precambrian of Madland, SW Rogaland, Norway