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Joints and fractures were weathered during a sub-tropical climate regime and thus may contain smectite and kaolinite. The presence of such minerals prohibits groundwater flow in fracture and fault zones. The clay-bearing zones may cause mechanical problems during both tunnel construction and later operation. Due to the chemical alteration of magnetic minerals during weathering, weak zones are characterized by negative magnetic anomalies.
Geological setting of the Pb-Zn-Cu mineralization in the Mjønesfjell area Nordland, northern NorwayKent Grimm, Henrik StendalPage(s): 1-11
... funnet at opp til ca. 600 m3 av jord kan være forurenset av mineral- olje pr. 21.mars 1991. Den høyeste målte konsentrasjon er 14/g/Kg ...
The main objective for the prosject is to develope a geochemical method for exploration of ores associated with granitic rocks. Oxidates were sampled in streambeds and lakes from 129 localities in Southeastern Norway. 65 of these localities are situated in the northern Oslo Graben. The samples were examined mineralogically and chemically by a variety of methods. Geochemical maps of the element content in oxidates show regional distribution patterns for several elements.
... of groundwater, several geological layers with varying mineral content along the well, thermal anisotropy etc.; rock core samples: ...
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