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The project has documented the existence of several previously unknown platinum group element (PGE) mineralizations in Norwegian ophiolites, of a type previously not well-documented anywhere, i.e. stratiform platinum- palladium-gold mineralization in ultramafic cumulates in ophiolites. PGE- bearing podiform chromitite and high level Ni-Cu sulphide mineralizations have also been studied.
... 27-38 Download  7,3 MB Rutile in eclogites as a mineral resource in the Sunnfjord Region, Western Norway. Are ... Page(s): 75-84 Download  5,3 MB Industrial mineral quality of limestone; the effect of contact metemorphism on textural ...
Titanium ores: An introduction to a review of titaniferous magnetite, ilmenite and rutile deposits in NorwayAre Korneliussen, H.P. Geis, E. Gierth, H. Krause, B. Robins, W.
... P. Kutyavin, Andrei V. Sochava Page(s): 24-25 Heavy mineral assemblages in the Neoproterozoic rocks of the Varanger Peninsula, ... B. Larsen, Mogens Marker Page(s): 34-35 Ilmenite mineral magnetism: implications for geophysical exploration for ilmenite ...
Neotectonics in the Ranafjorden area, northern NorwayOdleiv Olesen, Svein Gjelle, Herbert Henkel, Tor Arne Karlsen, Lars Olsen, Terje SkogsethPage(s): 5-8
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