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... 27-38 Download  7,3 MB Rutile in eclogites as a mineral resource in the Sunnfjord Region, Western Norway. Are ... Page(s): 75-84 Download  5,3 MB Industrial mineral quality of limestone; the effect of contact metemorphism on textural ...
Primary and re-equilibrated mineral assemblages from the Sveconorwegian mafic intrusions of the Kongsberg ...
Geological setting of the Pb-Zn-Cu mineralization in the Mjønesfjell area Nordland, northern NorwayKent Grimm, Henrik StendalPage(s): 1-11
Titanium ores: An introduction to a review of titaniferous magnetite, ilmenite and rutile deposits in NorwayAre Korneliussen, H.P. Geis, E. Gierth, H. Krause, B. Robins, W.
Petrology and metallogeny associated with the Tryvann Granite Complex, Oslo Region.Odd NilsenSide(r): 1-18Last ned &n
... P. Kutyavin, Andrei V. Sochava Page(s): 24-25 Heavy mineral assemblages in the Neoproterozoic rocks of the Varanger Peninsula, ... B. Larsen, Mogens Marker Page(s): 34-35 Ilmenite mineral magnetism: implications for geophysical exploration for ilmenite ...
Caledonian structural evolution and tectonostratigraphy in the Rombak - Sjangeli Window and its covering sequences, northern Scandinavian CaledonidesGerhard BaxPage(s): 87-104
Neotectonics in the Ranafjorden area, northern NorwayOdleiv Olesen, Svein Gjelle, Herbert Henkel, Tor Arne Karlsen, Lars Olsen, Terje SkogsethPage(s): 5-8
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