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... in zinc would be the more distal part. A Metal and mineral distribution in the Bleikvassli Zn-Pb deposit, Nordland, Norway ...
This report presents preliminary results of detailed geological follow-up studies and diamond drilling carried out in the Okstindan Area, Nordland, Norway in the period July to August 1997. Preliminary results from drilling done in November and December 1997 is included in this report. Field work to the south and at the base of the Okstindan massif along the Kongsfjell / Anders Larsa contact revealed no signs of mineralization.
With contributions from: H. Henriksen, A. Lothe, E. Midtbø, A.K. Midtgård, S. Berg, K. Lyslo & E. Skurtveit. Summary: Lineaments can be regarded as zones in the crust with enhanced fracture intensity (fracture zones) which have a distinct architecture. They can be divided into two main types: fault zones or joint zones. These structures are found both in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and have some common characteristics.
Previous structural analysis of post L. Devonian faults in the Sunnfjord region outlined the presence of four populations of faults (Braathen,1998). In the present study, analysis of fluid inclusions hosted by minerals sealing populations 1,2 and 4 faults are used as a first approach to estimate pres- sures and temperatures of major faulting episodes. Population 1 faults from Leknes contain primary fluid inclusions with saline aqueous solutions contai- ning 5.8 wt% NaC1.
... which may be used in the industry as an industrial mineral. The entirely tectono-stratigraphic section of the area only two from ...
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