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This report gives the results of field work done in the Precambrian Høgtuva window, with minor comments on the other similar windows in Nordland. The aim for this work was to attain a better understanding of the genesis of the rare-element mineralization at Bordvedåga, and thereby provide guidelines for further prospecting for granitophile element deposits.
Primary and re-equilibrated mineral assemblages from the Sveconorwegian mafic intrusions of the Kongsberg ...
... kunne gi en orienterende kvalitetsvurdering på grunnlag av mineral- og bergartsbestemmelse. Det er registrert 13 grusforekomster i Klæbu ...
The main objective for the prosject is to develope a geochemical method for exploration of ores associated with granitic rocks. Oxidates were sampled in streambeds and lakes from 129 localities in Southeastern Norway. 65 of these localities are situated in the northern Oslo Graben. The samples were examined mineralogically and chemically by a variety of methods. Geochemical maps of the element content in oxidates show regional distribution patterns for several elements.
Forfatter fortsetter: Nilsson, L.-P., Often, M., Pedersen, P.B., Robins, B. The results of analysis. For platinum elements and gold are presented c. 385 samples (from existing collections) from a range of geological environments. Just under half of the analytical work (c.185 samples analysed by AAS and INA) was financed by the pilot project. C. 140 of these samples are from Ni-Cu deposits, chromite deposits in ophiolitic rocks or chromite-bearing rocks in ophiolites.
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