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In a continuation of the work conducted by F. Reiser et al. (2009) testing the efficiency of Electrical Resistivity Traversing (ERT) land surveys over fracture zones, we have performed a similar study for marine environments and have investigated the possibility of detecting sea-bottom fracture zones.
Norway’s ongoing seabed mapping programme MAREANO (Marine AREA database for NOrwegian waters) includes delineation of the sea floor into large geomorphic units, which are referred to as marine landscapes. These landscape units are mapped in accordance with Version 1.0 of the nature-type classification system Nature types in Norway (Naturtyper i Norge, NiN), and the classification operates at the ‘landscape’ level of NiN.
... og feltobservasjoner ved Brubakken viser at utvasket marin leire ligger over og under grove masser. Deler av leirlaget på toppen er ...
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