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Closely spaced samples (73 in number) of shallow water, red, stromatolitic dolomite and magnesite from the Palaeoproterozoic (1980 +-27 Ma as a minimum age) Tulomozerskaya Formation in a distal portion of the Onega palaeobasin, Russian Karelia, have been analysed for Q13Ccarb, Q18Ocarb, trace and major elements. The 800 m-thick terrigeneous-carbonate succession is interpreted to be formed in lacustrine evaporitic settings prograding to sabkha, and then to marine environment.
Thickness, distribution and depositional environment of Holocene sediments in the Norwegian part of the SkagerrakLeif Rise, Heidi Anita Olsen, Reidulv Bøe, Dag OttesenPage(s): 5-16
... er 1,5-2,5 m tykk i området. Under myra opptrer vesentlig marin leire (stedvis utvasket eller med innslag av silt/finsand) ned til fjell ...
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