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In september, 1998, two helicopter geophysical survey were carried out over parts of Larvik and Porsgrunn municipalities. The purpose of the survey was to provide geophysical information to improve geological mapping in the area. A combined total of 3684 line-kilometres of VLF, radiometric, and magnetometric, and VLF data were collected in June, 1997, in a test area east from Larvik. The 1997 survey covered approximately 64 square km with a 100-m line spacing.
NGU conducted an airborne geophysical survey around Kongsberg region covering Krøderen, Sokna, Høneføss, Kongsberg, Vikersund, Hokksund and Hvittingfoss regions during 2008-2011. This report describes and documents the acquisition, processing and visualization of recorded datasets. The geophysical survey preformed herein results in total 13985 line km that covers approximately an area of 2797 km2.
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