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... området. Temperaturgradienter, varmestrøm og radioaktiv energi i Osloområdet. ...
The geothermal potential of Norway mainland remains unknown. One of the major outcomes of the Kontiki project (2004-2007) was that heat flow values in southern Norway were, at least, 10 mW/m2 higher than previously thought, opening the perspective for a future use of geothermal energy. A very first attempt was made to estimate underground temperatures well below the deepest levels reached by the scientific drillholes.
During June, 1997, a helicopter geophysical survey was carried out over part of Nordmarka, an area immediately northwest from Oslo. The purpose of the survey was to provide geophysical information to improve geological mapping in the area. Approximately 3260 line-kilometers of VLF, radiometric, magnetometric, and electromagnetic data were acquired, covering an area of approximately 650 sq km, mostly over the area covered by NGUs Oppkuven mapsheet.
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