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(Forkortet) NGU has carried out new test measurements using av borehole gamma-ray spectrometer from IFG Corporation at different sites inthe North Charlotte Region. Improved calbrations of the instruments were made doing long term measurements on calibration pads at NGU. In situ calculations of K, U and Th content gave promising results as long as only one radionucleide was present. Calculating the K content in a situation where higher energy radiating elements were present, proved difficult.
NGU conducted an airborne geophysical survey in Kvænangen area in September-October 2012. This report describes and documents the acquisition, processing and visualization of recorded datasets. The geophysical survey results reported herein are 5526 line km. The Geotech Ltd. Hummingbird frequency domain system supplemented by optically pumped ceasium magnetometer and 1024 channels RSX-5 spectrometer was used for data acquisition.
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