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The degree of saturation of groundwater with respect to a wide range of solid phases is calculated for 240 private and public bedrock wells in Akershus and Østfold counties, southeastern Norway. The samples were collected by the local Næringsmiddeltilsynene (Public Hygiene Control Office) in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU).
The airborne gamma-ray spectrometric method is primarily used for the detection of ore bodies, fallout from nuclear accidents and as a lithological mapping tool. Modern gamma-ray spectrometers can record at least 256 channels of data in the energy range 0-3 MeV. After applying concentional processing, there is still noise in the spectra. Several approaches are suggested to remove this remaining noise fraction (MNF).
Available information on bathymetry and seabed types has been compiled within the Havsul I-IV areas off Møre og Romsdal. Only a limited amount of detailed seabed information is available, and the main database for interpretation has been a regional, digital, bathymetric database with a grid size of 50x50 m. The main objective has been to interpret areas of exposed bedrock, as such information is of importance for the early planning for offshore wind energy parks.
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