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The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) carries proud historical traditions into the future. Our knowledge ensures wise and comprehensive decisions for the best of society. We put geology on the agenda. We will continue doing this.
Like a complex geological jigsaw puzzle, pieces both big and small fit together to form the Norway we all know. NGU's geological knowledge - developed in close Collaboration with many others - will serve as a foundation for holostic decision-making needed for the betterment of society. The jigsaw pieces presented in this annual report will give you a partial glimpse of the total picture of Our work in 2018.
The collection and free dissemination of knowledge is valuable to society. Open-access data and geological maps are assets that can be used over and over again.
With knowledge of geology in place, along with more efficient methods for extracting resources and improved recycling of metals and minerals, a more environmentally-friendly mineral value-chain can also be developed in Norway.
... gamle skredgroper. Samtidig ser vi at politiet bruker geologi til å nøste i gamle kriminalsaker. Årsmelding 2017 - Spor ...
Follow the trail of NGU’s wide-ranging activities in 2017. We have gathered clues that reveal the connections between Earth’s core, the ocean floor and the planetMars. We also join the hunt for rare minerals, gold and map ancient landslide scars. At the same time, we dis-close how geology can help criminal investigators to solve decades old crimes.