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... Oversikt over kalksteinsforekomster i GEOS-området (Geologi i Oslo-regionen) ...
The aim of this study was to determine the link between structural geology and the hydrogeological system of the Numedalen valley from Kongsberg to Hvittingfoss (Buskerud county) within the framework of the GEOS program. Three main geological units are presented: (1) Precambrian basement, (2) Late Caledonian sedimentary fold-and-thrust belt and (3) Premian Oslo Rift, all having a very low porosity and intrinsic permeability.
28 samples of groundwater from bedrock boreholes in three distinct Norwegian geological provinces have been taken and analysed for content of 222Rn, U and Th, together with a wide variety of minor and major species. Results are documented in NGU reports 93.121 and 93.126. This resport documents the locations and further details of the sampling points.
... men på grunn av uheldig frekvens på antenne og ugunstig geologi er tolkningene usikre og må etterprøves med sonderboringer. Ved Hol ...
During June, 1997, a helicopter geophysical survey was carried out over Krokskogen, an area immediately northwest from Oslo. The purpose of the survey was to provide geophysical information to be used with geological datao to help determine the best route for tunneling from Sandvika to Hønefoss. Approximately 900 line-kilometers of radiometric, magnetometric and electromagnetic data were acquired, coverinbg an area of approximately 180 sq km. The average flying height was 80 m.
Rapporten summerer opp mål og produkter av berggrunnskatlegging prosjektet i Kongsberg-Modum-Hønefoss området, som ble utført på NGU mellom 2010 og 2018.
Thermal response tests (TRT) are widely used to measure the effective thermal conductivity and borehole resistance in a well. The gained data serve as the basis for the dimensioning of larger ground-source heat-pump installations with closed loop systems. The influence of groundwater flow on a TRT in fractured aquifers is not well understood. An attempt to quantify the influence of groundwater was done by pumping of groundwater from a nearby well during the TRT.
During June, 1997, a helicopter geophysical survey was carried out over part of Nordmarka, an area immediately northwest from Oslo. The purpose of the survey was to provide geophysical information to improve geological mapping in the area. Approximately 3260 line-kilometers of VLF, radiometric, magnetometric, and electromagnetic data were acquired, covering an area of approximately 650 sq km, mostly over the area covered by NGUs Oppkuven mapsheet.
... Østlandet 2006.013 I forbindelse med GEOS-prosjektet (Geologi i Oslo-regionen), gjennomførte NGU feltarbeid med interferometrisk ...
... i humus- og mineraljord fra fire lokaliteter med forskjellig geologi, både når det gjelder alder og bergartstype. Feltarbeidet ble ...
Chemical analyses of main, minor and trace elements have been made of Ordovician black (alum-) shale samples collected at two different localities and one waste pile in the greater Oslo area. The study is aimed at identification of differences between black shales from different localities by using main and trace element concentrations in whole rock for "fingerprinting".
Tectonometamorphic evolution of the allochthonous caledonian rocks between Malangen and Balsfjord, Troms, North norwaySteffen G.
The conglomerates of the Sel Group, Otta-Vågå area, Central Norway: an example of a terrrane-linking successionR. Bøe, B.A. Sturt, D.M.
... 2008.019 Som en del av NGUs forskningsprogram GEOS (Geologi i Oslo-området) har det blitt utført ulike hydrogeologiske ...
Melt-mineral-fluid interaction in peralkaline silicic intrusions in the Oslo Rift, Southeast Norway. I. Distribution of elements in the Eikeren ekerite.E.R. Neumann, T. Andersen, T.H.
From Archaean to Proterozoic on Hardangervidda, south NorwayAnne Birkeland, Ellen M.O. Sigmond, Martin J.