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The Geological Survey of Norway and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate established the TWIN Project (Tropical Weathering In Norway) in 2009 to improve the understanding of deep weathering on mainland Norway as well as offshore. All known reports of deep weathering in Norway have been reviewed and registered in a GIS database.
Provenance and sediment routing of Neoproterozoic formations on the Varanger, Nordkinn, Rybachi and Sredni peninsulas, North Norway and Northwest Russia: a reviewDavid Roberts, Anna SiedleckaPage(s): 1-19
The Nordkinn Peninsula consists of a series of Neoproterozoic fluvial, cross-bedded sandstones belonging to the Kalak Nappe complex wich are derived from basement terraines of the Fennoscandian shield (Roberts, 2007). On first glance the area appears to hold little promise for mineral exploration.