Pre-Conference Excursion - ICAM 2015

Pre-Conference Excursion (1st June): Deep sea sediments, pillow lavas and iron-ores. One day excursion in the Trondheim Region to examine overthrusted and folded remains of deep sea sediments, lavas and MFS of the Iapetus Ocean, preserved in the roots of the Caledonides.

ICAM 2015 - ekskursjonsfotoStart at 09:00, from Hotel Britannia, return at the hotel at approx. 19:00.

Drive by bus to Hommelvik-Selbu-Stjørdal to examine Lower Paleozoic meta-sedimentary rocks, basalts and tectonic features of the Hovin and Støren groups (Middle – Upper Ordovician). During the trip we will visit the Homla waterfalls (80 m), and stop at the historic site at Mostadmarka Iron smelter. At the Lake Foldsjøen we will study pillow lavas and hyaloclastite breccias, before we continue to the top of Vennafjellet (662 m a.s.l.) to get a grand view the present-day landscape preserved within the Møre-Trøndelag Fault Complex.

Depending on the weather-conditions we will lunch at Lake Foldsjøen or at Vennafjellet.

The trip will continue to Selbu, where we visit a small museum-collection of local rocks and learn about the production of millstones from Viking Ages up to the 1930's.

From Selbu we will drive to Sjørdal to have a look at exposures of Upper Ordovician submarine turbidites, along with ice-sculptured rocks at the beach.

We will enjoy dinner at the Rica Hell Hotel, before we terminate the excursion at a special location in the forest of Hell. The bus will arrive back in Trondheim at around 19.00.

Bring: Solid footwear to allow for walks along narrow forest paths (accumulated walking distance: 2-4 kilometers), and clothes to keep you dry and warm even if it rains.   

The cost per participant is NOK 450,- (including lunch and dinner)  
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