Post-Conference Excursion - ICAM 2015

Post-Conference Excursion (5th-7th June): The Leka Ophiolite and the Norwegian Strandflat. A three days excursion to examine the ophiolite sequence at the island of Leka and have a walk on the exposed Moho.

We will visit a number of sites on the strandflat, the characteristic low-lying foreshore and beach features along the coast of Norway, and (if weather allows) walk the top of rugged hills to enjoy the majestic view of the coast. Only a limited number of seats are available on this excursion.

Start at Friday 5th June at 13:00, from Hotel Britannia (Trondheim City Center), return at Trondheim Airport Værnes (and Hotel Radisson Blu Værnes) at around 21:00 on Sunday 7th .

The red serpentine mountains on the outer side of the island make a journey through the landscape a singular experience. A geology trail runs across the entire island to include the various rock types. We will walk along exposures of the Leka Ophiolite, and over a space of just 50 m pass from layered rocks representing the lowest part of the oceanic crust to banded peridotites from the upper mantle.

Leka's geology and landscape is scenic and unique. Besides geological gems the trip to Leka also offers sights into the ancient history of Norway (Stone and Viking Ages), and a will give taste of present day culture along the coast of Norway:

Accommodation will be in cabins of variable sizes and comfort, where 2-3 participants will share rooms. There will be shard meals in the cabins and in restaurants along the way.

Bring: Solid footwear to allow for walks along narrow, and at partly steep, paths (accumulated walking distance during two days: 3-5 kilometers), and clothes to keep you dry and warm even if it rains.   

The cost per participant is NOK 4300,- (including transport, accommodation and all meals).

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