NGU Bulletin 442 - 2004

The Caravarri Formation of the Kaukokeino Greenstone Belt, Finnmark, North Norway: a Palaeoproterozoic foreland basin succession.
Tore Torske, Steffen G. Bergh
Page(s): 5-22
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Porphyritic syenite at Lake Mykle, the Oslo Rift - a possible derivative of larvikite.
T. Andersen, R. Frei, N. L. Westphal
Page(s): 23-28
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New data on net-veined complexes in the Oslo Rift, southeastern Norway.
Tom Andersen, Victoria Morogan, Henning Sørensen
Page(s): 29-38
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Metasedimentary rocks, associated intrusions and tectonic features of the Precambrian in eastern Bamble, South Norway: an interpretative study.
Peter Padget
Page(s): 39-51
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Contemporary stress orientation features in bedrock, Trøndelag, central Norway, and some regional implications.
David Roberts, Arne Myrvang
Page(s): 53-63
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