NGU Bulletin 414 - 1989

The style of deformation in the Devonian rocks on Hitra and Smøla, Central Norway.
Reidulv Bøe, Kuvvet Atakan, Brian A. Sturt
Page(s): 1-19
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Petrology of differential gabbro sheets in the Altenes tectonic window, North Norway.
Allan Oliver Pratt
Page(s): 21-35
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Basement Gneiss doming the Uppermost Allochthon in the Bogøy area of Steigen, Nordland, Norway.
David L. Speedyman
Page(s): 37-47
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Brachiopods and trilobites from the Ordovician Lower Hovin Group (Arenig/Llanvirn), Hølonda area, Trondheim Region, Norway: new and revised taxa and paleogeographic interpretation
R.B. Neuman, D.L. Bruton
Page(s): 49-89
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