Using Natural Stone

Natural stone is used in several ways. Here are some of them listed.
Brown and light larvikite, Oslo


Grave monument in natural stone. Larvikite is most popular.
Grave monument in natural stone. Larvikite is most popular.
Flooring slate with natural flat and trondhjemite
Flooring slate with natural flat and trondhjemite


When Natural stone panels are installed, they float; that is, they are hung from a of steel or aluminum frame. The facade panel or veneer is usually at least 2 centimeters thick, and it is common to use polished, honed or a rough surfaces, depending on the desired effect you want to achieve.

Floors and outdoor surfaces

Indoors, floor tiles are about 1-2 centimeter thickness and are usually polished or honed. Slate tiles with a natural or honed surfaces are also commonly used.  Outdoors, it is best to use a heavier tiles, up to 12 inches thick, with rough surface to avoid slipping.

Table and counter tops

In recent years, stone furniture has gained popularity in Norway, in particular polished stone kitchen counter tops.


The slate roofing is still very popular, especially since Norwegian quartz slate is very durable. It is not uncommon for slate roofs to last longer than the house, in which case the roof tiles are recycled. There are many different type of slate roofing - from the rectangular and scalloped to the thick, large rough hewn tiles used on roofs of alpine cottages (in Norwegian, 'villhelle').


The use of rough stone blocks with fractured edges goes back to ancient times in Norway, and become an important product in recent years. Dry wall  is constructed by putting one stone upon the other without the use of mortar.  Natural stone blocks can be use to build dry walls - both beautiful and affordable. Some types of slate, like Oppdal slate, is especially well-suited for making small slabs for veneer masonry projects.

Paving stones

The 1970's trend of hiding old paving stones under several layers of concrete is definitely over. These days, paving stones feature prominently in city renewal projects. Currently, it is difficult to get a hold of large quantities of Norwegian paving stone, therefore imports from countries with lower production costs are often used.

Stoves and fireplaces

Soapstone is particularly good at retaining heat, making it ideal for stoves and fireplaces. Heating costs are reduced and soapstone stoves and fireplaces are beautiful.

Stone sculptures

Stone sculptures are an increasingly important element of interior design and decorating, and to be sure many of us enjoy viewing the examples displayed in public spaces throughout this country.  Artists like Gustav Vigeland and others have achieved world class standing, having produced a number of exciting and enduring stone sculptures

Grave monuments

Last but not least,  small monuments of stone are used by many of us to remember our loved ones. Few materials provide a more powerful symbol of the eternity than stone, therefore, the market for these kinds of stone products are quite stable.