Stone Construction Material

Gray, unassuming stones are one of the most commonly used raw materials for buildings, concrete, roads and infrastructure, both globally and locally. NGU conducts mapping of Norway's resources for natural stones and aggregates and studies their use in the past, present and for the future.

Stone construction materials can be classified into the following categories: natural stone and crushed stone (hard-rock aggregate), sand and gravel.

A central characteristic of natural stone  is that it can be cut, split or hewn for use in buildings, monuments, gardens and parks. Natural stone can further be classified into dimension stone, slate/flagstone and masonry stone.

Crushed stone, sand and gravel are also used for building and construction purposes. These materials are blasted from bedrock or quarried from natural sand and gravel deposits. This material may sorted by grain size for use in asphalt, concrete, roads or for many other construction projects.