API and WMS services

On this site you will find WMS-addresses enabling connection to your own map- or GIS software. This is typically referred to as a map service. In addition, you may look at potential usage of our data and services, you can view and download product sheets and legends, and access metadata.

You can choose to filter on topic and you can also use the search option. If you select List view, you can view the contents in a table. 

Topic Service Type Desc. URL Usage Product sheet Legend Show in map Metadata
ATOM Nedlastingstjeneste ATOM
Bedrock geology Bedrock N250 WMS
Bedrock geology Bedrock N50 WMS
Cascading WMS
Geochemistry Geochemistry WMS
Geological diversity Geologisk arv WMS
Geophysics Geophysics WMS
Geological diversity Geotreat WMS
Stone construction m... Gravel and hard rock aggregates WMS
Groundwater Groundwater (Granada) WMS
Mineral resources Industrial minerals WMS
Marine geology Marine base maps WMS
Geochemistry, Marine... Marine - Geochemistry WMS
Marine geology Marine geohazards WMS
Marine geology Marine - geophoto WMS
Marine geology Marine landforms WMS
Marine geology Marine landscapes WMS
Geological diversity... MARINE LIMIT AND POSSIBILITY OF MARINE CLAY (QUATERNARY GEOLOGY) WMS https://www.ngu.no/emne/marin-grense

In Norwegian only.

Marine geology Marine nature types WMS
Marine geology MarinLinjerProverWMS WMS
Mineral resources Metals WMS
Marine geology Modellert havbunnsgeologi WMS
Stone construction m... Natural stone WMS
Climate, Quaternary ... Permafrost WMS
Marine geology Probable occurrences of coral mounds WMS
Bedrock geology Radon WMS
Marine geology Seabed sediments and sedimentary environment WMS
Quaternary geology Sediments WMS