Metals in the deep ocean

It has been known for a long time now that metals are precipitated by hot springs on the mid-ocean ridges. These metals offer potential resources for the future.
Hydrothermal vents at Soria-Moria on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, northeast of Jan Mayen. The green colour is caused by copper mineralization. Photo: Rolf Birger Pedesen, University of Bergen.

The deep ocean is the least well know part of Norway. Mapping at several thousand metres water depth is technically and economically demanding, and so far, economic interests for pursuing such activities have been lacking. Internationally, there are several ongoing initiatives related to deep sea mining - these include participation from several Norwegian institutions. Geological mapping  of Norwegian offshore areas, including the mid-ocean ridges and the deep ocean, forms a natural part of NGUs resource mapping and seabed mapping activities (

Relaterte prosjekter

MAREANO maps the bathymetry, seafloor conditions, biodiversity, geodiversity and sedimentary contamination along the Norwegian coast and sea areas.