Map viewers

NGU develop and maintain a range of map viewers showing digital maps from the Norwegian bedrock, mineral resources, groundwater and much more. On this page you will find an overview of our map applications wich show premade thematic maps, including basemaps and other spatial information. 

You can choose to filter on topic and you can also use the search option. If you select List view, you can view the contents in a table. 

Topic Application Desc. Link Old link Preview Search Metadata
Bedrock geology Bedrock
Geochemistry Geochemistry
Bedrock geology Geochronology
Geological diversity... Geodiversity
Bedrock geology, Sto... Geology in my Municipality
Geophysics Geophysics database (Dragon)
Geophysics Geoscience portal
Stone construction m... Gravel and hard rock aggregates
Groundwater Groundwaterborehole (Granada)
Geohazards, Urban ge... Insar Norge
Bedrock geology, Qua... Map Catalog
Marine geology Marine geology
Mineral resources Mineral resources
Groundwater, Quatern... NADAG (ground investigations)
Bedrock geology, Sto... National Area Information
Climate Permafrost - mainland
Climate Permafrost - Svalbard
Bedrock geology Radon susceptibility
Quaternary geology Sediments and marine limit
Geohazards Unstable mountain areas