Groundwater is more than drinking water. Without the groundwater, Norway would be different: many rivers would freeze to the bottom in the winter and trees would dry up in the summer.

Groundwater is a resource hidden in the ground. The field of hydrogeology has traditionally specialized in finding groundwater, assessing quantity and quality, and facilitating access to drinking water.  

But groundwater is much more than drinking water. It is an energy source for heat and cooling, a possible trigger for landslides, a potential subduer of floods, an important factor in the problems of subsidence, a silent underground protector of our cultural heritage, used in irrigation, and is prerequisite for life in many inland waters as it ensures a minimum water flow during frost periods.

The subject of hydrogeology seeks to understand the role of groundwater in Nature and give guidance on how to use it sustainably.  How do we affect groundwater, and how does it affect us?