Examples of InSAR use

Here are some examples of using InSAR data.

Hyen fjord in Sogn og Fjordane

Osmundneset, located on the east side of Hyen fjord (above), is an example of a large unstable rock slope that was discovered with the help of InSAR. The mountainside is highly fractured over a length of approximately one kilometer. The light blue points indicate insignificant or no movement, while the yellow and red points are areas that are moving about 0.5 cm/year.


The island Rolla in Troms

The InSAR image of Brustinden at the southern part of the island Rolla shows up to 2 cm/year movements (red colours). While the deformation is primarily measured in loose sediments, deformation is also measured in bedrock. GPS-data from the unstable slope confirms that the upper part is sliding out at 2-3 cm/year.


Oslo center

Analysis of InSAR images between 2009 and today reveals more than one centimeter per year of subsidence in the Bjørvika area.



The red areas in the photo above indicate sinking of up to 2 centimeter per year along the harbor, and up to 1 cm per year in the outer part of a newly built residential area that extends into the fjord east of the city. Submarine landslides have occurred in Trondheim fjord after fill was brought into the harbor.