Datasets are the foundation for our services and applications. If you are to perform a risk and vulnerability analysis, an impact assessment, work on a municipal plan or load geological data into your map software, then this is the place to search for and download datasets.
  • If you want to get an overview of all available datasets for download, please use our self-service download portal.
  • If you are interested in pre-processed data files, you can subscribe to our ATOM Feed download service for available datasets. Each entry is in its own an Atom feed of individual data files for that dataset.
  • You can also use client for mass download, by the Norwegian mapping authority to automate download of data from NGU as well as other public authorities in Norway.

NGUs data are freely available for download and usage. Limitations on use and further distribution are regulated by Norwegian Licence for Open Government Data (NLOD). In case you would like to receive other forms of data preparation, we can offer this for a minor fee. Our data are still free of charge.

Topic Dataset Desc. Usage Download Search Register Product sheet Map catalog Legend Order map Prod spec Metadata
Geophysics Airborne geophysics
Bedrock geology Bedrock N1350 (1:1.350.000)
Bedrock geology Bedrock N250 (1:250.000)
Bedrock geology Bedrock N50 (1:50.000)
Marine geology Bottom types
Geophysics Geophysics (MINN/MINS programme)
Stone construction m... Gravel and crushed stone
Groundwater Groundwater (Granada)
Bedrock geology, Sto... Literature database
Marine geology Marine - anchoring conditions
Marine geology Marine - diggability
Marine geology Marine landscapes
Climate, Quaternary ... Marine limit
Marine geology Marine sedimentary environment
Marine geology Marin - Landforms on the seabed
Mineral resources Mineral permits database ">
Mineral resources Mineral resources
Quaternary geology Possibility of marine clay
Bedrock geology Radon - alum shale
Bedrock geology Radon - Coverage alum shale maps
Bedrock geology Radon - Coverage caution maps
Radon susceptibility
Marine geology Seabed sediments (genesis), N100 regional
Marine geology Seabed sediments (genesis), N750 overview
Marine geology Seabed sediments (grain size), N100 regional
Marine geology Seabed sediments (grain size), N25 detailed
Marine geology Seabed sediments (grain size), N750 overview
Quaternary geology Sediments