Natural construction materials

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Kari Aslaksen Aasly

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The Natural construction materials team works extensively to identify and map crushed stone, gravel and sand deposits throughout Norway. The team also develops and disseminates knowledge about Norwegian natural stone deposits and their use.  Data on deposits is managed via an online database platform, which can be accessed by industry and government. The team works to identify both potential future quarries and historical quarries, and to understand how natural stone was used the past and how it could be used by society in the future. The team uses mineralogical and geochemical techniques for the characterization of stone construction material. Quarry samples are analyzed in their own laboratory. Improved understanding of existing deposits will help ensure future supply both locally and nationally.

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Anette Granseth

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Eyolf Erichsen

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Mark Uwe Simoni

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Terje Solbakk

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Thomas Hibelot

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Tine Larsen Angvik

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Tom Heldal

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