Communication and Dissemination

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Mari Prestvik

Phone: 92 46 85 62

NGU's Communication and Dissemination section is responsible for the Survey's internal and external communication; including web pages, contact with media, graphic design, library services, marketing and event planning.

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Anne Pauline Gaare Viken

Førstekonsulent - Biblioteket
Phone: 73904129
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Ann-Kristin Larød

Seniorsekretær - Serviceskranke
Phone: 73904000
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Berte Figenschou Amundsen

Phone: 97530861
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Cecilie Bjerke

Grafisk formgiver
Phone: 92093041
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Grete Henriksen

Phone: 73904122
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Gudmund Løvø

Phone: 99091742
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Gunn Sandvik

Førstekonsulent - Arkivet
Phone: 73904148
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Irene Lundqvist

Grafisk tegner
Phone: 73904488
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Jørn Fornes

Ingeniør - Kopi og repro
Phone: 73904121
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Knut Alstad

Phone: 73904124
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Mads Chalmer Rasmussen

Grafisk formgiver
Phone: 73904318
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Marianne Engdal

Seniorkonsulent - Prosjekter
Phone: 73904480
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Mari Prestvik

Phone: 92 46 85 62
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Morten Smelror

Phone: (+47) 73904180
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Roy Gunnar Hansen Kopi og repro
Phone: 73904434
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Rune Eian

Phone: 98077743
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Tove Aune

Seniorkonsulent - Arrangement
Phone: 73904145