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In 1996, the Geological Survey of Norway started the project "Fracture zones and groundwater of Sunnfjord". The aim of the project was to get a regional understanding of deformation along bigger post-Devonian lineaments/fracture zones in crystalline rocks, and the relevance of these lineaments in connection with well capacity. This report presents results from the tracer tests, borehole tomography and electrical conductivity profiles conducted in September 1999.
The five-year Crustal Onshore-Offshore Project (Coop) is an integrated data acquisition and interpretation project established to study the onshore-offshore relationships in the northeastern North Sea and Møre-Haltenbanken area. The Coop Phase I Report summarises the results from the Norwegian North Sea and western Norway. New aeromagnetic, gravity and petrophysical data as well as heat flow data have been acquired. All new data were compiled with existing data.