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The Skagerrak is an area of considerable interest, in terms of both environmental and industrial issues. Sedimentary rocks, generally of the same type as in the North Sea, provide a potential for economic hydrocarbon resources.
The spectacular monuments and cities of the ancient Near East are testament to an industrial past where large-scale stone procurement remains unequalled.
I 2002 publiserte NGU et geologisk kart over Nord-Europa i målestokk 1:4 millioner. Dette heftet beskriver nærmere de geologiske forholdene geologien i de 24 landene og tre sjøområder som omfattes av kartet.
Svalbard has been a key area for the study of Arctic Triassic successions for over a hundred years.
This volume of NGU Special Publication presents some of the ongoing research at the Geological Survey of Norway and shows how geology and geological knowledge influence many areas of society.
A compilation of the present knowledge of the Quaternary geology of Norway. About the landscape development, the glacial history, the record of deposits during the last 300,000 years, and the neotectonics in Norway and adjacent areas
Anortosittprovinsen i Rogaland er, som navnet antyder, kjent for sine store forekomster av bergarten anortositt. Området er lite overdekket med løsmasser, slik at berggrunnen er synlig over nesten hele provinsen.