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The Geological Survey of Norway has compiled an inventory of hard rock aggregate deposits in coastal Norway. This report contains a catalogue of Norwegian coastal quarries presently in production and export, as well as potential production areas along the coast of South-Central Norway and Finnmark. 11.8 million tonnes of aggregates were exported to Europe in 2006, and about 3.8 million tonnes was used by the offshore oil and gas industry on the continental shelf.
Reconnaissance structural geological mapping and field XRF-analyses with a portable XRF-analyzer were carried out at the now closed Ulveryggen copper mine, Repparfjord Window, Finnmark. The goals of the study were to better understand the structural setting of the mineralisations at Ulveryggen and to test a handheld XRF-analyzer on this type of copper deposit. Preliminary conclusions suggest a structural control of at least part of the mineralisations.