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Sommeren 2008 ble det startet en oppdatering av de viktigste grus- og pukkforekomstene i utvalgte deler av Finnmark fylke i samarbeid med FeFo (Finnmarkseiendommen). Siktemålet var dels å etablere en oppdatert ressursoversikt til bruk i arealplanlegging, dels å prioritere forekomster (løsmasser og pukk) som det er naturlig å utnytte kommersielt av FeFo (større forekomster med sentral beliggenhet og god kvalitet).
16 polished thin sections have been prepared from core samples from four drill holes from the eastern part of the Nussir eu deposit with enrichments of Ag, Au, Pt and Pd. The main aims of the study were to describe the various copper-sulphide minerals and to identify noble metal-bearing minerals and their relationship to the copper sulphides.
The Geologial Suvey of Norway has compiled an inventory of hard rock aggregate deposits in coastal Norway. This report contains a catalogue of Norwegian coastal quarries presently in production and exporting, as well as of potential production areas along the coast of South-Central Norway and Finnmark. In 2009 15 million tonnes of aggregates were exported to Europe, and about 2.6 million tonnes were used by the offshore oil and gas industry on the continental shelf.
This report presents a chemical analysis of apatite from pyroxenite in the Lillebukt alkaline complex together with older analytical data on REE in apatite from the associated carbonatite. Published REE data on apatite from Siilinjärvi are also presented for comparison. The apatite shows a strong enrichment in REE, up to 3000-4000 times chondritic values for LREE. The total REE (including Y) in apatite from the pyroxenite is 3605 ppm and in the carbonatite 3416 ppm.