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The Sveconorwegian magmatic and tectonometamorphic evolution of the high-grade Proterozoic Flekkefjord complex, South Norway.Torgeir FalkumPage(s): 5-33
Fra omslaget:. 'Korleis har det storslagne landskapet langs Rallarvegen fått si form?.
Genesis of magmatic oxide deposits - a view from the Busveld complexGrant CawthornePage(s): 11-21Titanium deposits in Ukraine focused on the Proterozoic anorthosite-hosted massifs.Dmitry Gursky, Sergey
This volume of NGU Special Publication presents some of the ongoing research at the Geological Survey of Norway and shows how geology and geological knowledge influence many areas of society. The global demand for geological resources is on the rise, and knowing where to look for these resources is becoming increasingly more important. In addition, quantifying these resources is vital to ensure present-day as well as future supplies.
Med kvartærgeologisk kart (løsmassekart) i M 1:25 000
Sub-till sediments at Rokoberget, Southeastern NorwayKåre Rokoengen, Lars Olsen, Synøve F.
Den unike gruvebyen Røros er anerkjent som 'verdensarv' av UNESCO. Få steder er det sterkere sammenheng mellom geologi i natur og kultur. Røros vokste fram på grunn av ressursene som fjellet ga.
Jordskorpen kan bevege seg så kraftig at det oppstår sprekker, forkastninger og knust berg. Slike partier kalles ofte bruddsoner. Ulike deler av bruddsoner har karakteristiske trekk.
A collection of short descriptions of the geology of countries and sea areas within the region covered by the 1:4 million bedrock geological map.
Proceedings of the 1st International Barents Symposium 'Geology and minerals in the Barents Region', Kirkenes, Norway, October 1993
A geological excursion guide with thematic articles prepared for the NATO. Advanced Study Institute Meeting held at Moi, Norway, 1984.
The Skagerrak Project is the first major task of the MGK-programme (MGK is the Norwegian acronomy for Marine geological mapping of Norwegian sea-floor areas) which is a joint effort of six governmental institutions involved in various aspects of marine work.
New data on Upper Ordovician conodonts from the Trondheim Region, Central Norwegian CaledonidesT. Ju Tolmacheva, David Roberts Page(s): 5-15