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Censored data are a well-known problem when dealing with regional geochemical data. Often many analytical results for some of the most interesting variables, for example gold (Au), are reported as below detection limits. With a high proportion of censored data, distribution estimators and many statistical tests will not perform. The regional structure of the data as displayed in a geochemical map may also get lost or be a poor approximation of reality.
Norges geologiske undersøkelse (NGU) har, som et ledd i Folkehelsas prosjekt Program for vannforsyning (PROVA) vurdert mulighetene for grunnvannsforsyning og reservevannforsyning på en del steder i Alta kommune. Vurderingene ble gjort på grunnlag av feltbefaringer, georadarmålinger og undersøkelsesboringer. Særlig positiv var undersøkelsen på Nyvoll hvor vannforsyningen har vært prekær i mange år.
Industrian minerals - towards a future growthTor-Arne Karlsen, Brian SturtPage(s): 7-14Download  3,7 MB
Geodynamic modelling of the present crustal uplift indicates that the uplift of western Norway and northern Norway is partly due to other mechanisms that the glacioisostatic rebound. We have also deduced a new model based on the 'seismic pumping' mechanism to explain the observed correlation between land uplift and groundwater yield in Norway.