Western European Geological Surveys (WEGS), Working Group on Regional Geochemical Mapping. Project Proposal.

It is proposed to perform an orientation survey in three parts (1) complete an inventory of the regional geochemical mapping thus far done in all WEGS countries (1988-89), (2) collect overbank sediments at various depths from 10-15 sample sites within the countries represented in the Working Group (1988)(3) repeat item (2) in all WEGS countries that want to participate (1989). If the results of the orientation survey indicate that a joint regional geochemical mapping of Western Europe is warranted, the following tentative mapping programme is proposed: (1) sampling of overbank sediments at a spacing of 1 sample site per 500 km2 in all participating countries. At each wite two samples are taken, one natural, pristine sample at depth, and one sample influenced by pollution near the surface (2) multielement chemical analysis for total contents, and acid soluble and plant extractable fractions (3) statistical treatment of the data, prepartion of a data bank and maps of raw and interpreted data. The main application of the results will be in the fields of: (1) Environment. Examples of products (a) maps of natural and anthropogenic distribution of heavy metals (b) maps of susceptibility to acidification (c) maps for the selection of pollution monitoring stations, (d) tables of municipal-, county- or nation-wise element contents for the use in geomedicine. etc.etc.

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