A tectonostratigraphic transect across the central Scandinavian Caledonides, Storlien - Trondhiem - Lepsøy. Part II: Excursion guide in Norway.

This guidebook was prepared for the Norwegian part (seven days) of Excursion no. 34 ofthe 33" IGC, Oslo, 2008, to give participants from outside the region as comprehensive a view as possible within 10 days of the stratigraphy, paleontology, tectonostratigraphy, structural geology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, geochronology, tectonics and geophysics, in a traverse across this major thrust-assembled orogen from the foreland in Sweden to places deep in the hinterland in coastal Norway with evidence of ultra-high-pressure metamorphism and melting. The flrst three days in Sweden (Part I of report 2008.064) were led by David Gee and Per-Gunnar Andreasson, with co-leaders Erik Sturkell and Anna Ladenburger. The last seven days (Part II: this report) were led by Peter Robinson and David Roberts with co-leaders Arne Solli, Kurt Hollocher, Per Terje Osmundsen, Tor Grenne, Herman Van Roermund, Michael Terry and Hans Vrijmoed, with contributions by David Gee, Bob Tucker, Tom Kroghl, Alan Krill, Emily Walsh and Megan Regel. It was divided by day as follows: Day 4: Trondheim Nappe Complex and subjacent units: Storlien to Trondheim. Day 5: Scandian geology of the Outer Trondheimsfjord region. Day 6: Part I: Geology of the Hølonda-Horg-Løkken area. Day 6: Part II: Geology of Trollheimen. Day 7: Garnet peridotites in the northern UHP domain af the Western Gneiss Region, Otrøy. Day 7: Mafic dikes and basement-cover relationships, southern coast of the islands of Midsund. Day 8: Structural and metamorphic relationships between Caledonian nappes and Fennoscandian basement on the mainland near Brattvåg. Day 9: Geology of Haramsøy, Flemsøy and Lepsøy. Day 10: Geology on the route Lepsøya-Brattvåg-Solholmen-Svartberget-Atlantic Highway-Averøy-Halsa-Trondheim

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