Tectono-stratigraphic Setting, Structure and Petrology of HP and UHP Memtamorphic Rocks and garnet Peridotites in the Western Gneiss region, Møre and Romsdal, Norway

This report is a guidebook for a five day excursion in connection with the Alice Wain Memorial West Norway Eclogite Field Symposium held in Selje from June 21st-28th, 2003. The Western Gneiss Region provides some of the largest, most comprehensive, and accessible exposures of eclogites and eclogite-facies rocks and garnet peridotites in the world. Perhaps more important for some, it lies in ther heart of a great Paleozoic thrust orogen, the late Silurian - early Devonian Scandian orogen, where there is opportunity for using the sciences of tectono-stratigraphy and geochronology as keys to determine the evolutionary history of how these rocks attained their special petrology at great depth and then were preserved and exhumed to the locations of their present exposure. Much of the tectono-stratigraphic framework is preserved in fartraveled thrust sheets in the foreland of the orogen in western Sweden and southern Norway, and these regions need to be visited to gain a full appreciation of the scale and diversity of tectonically assembled units. On the first day of the excursion, the entire group will travel together from Selje to Lepsøya or Midsund, stopping to investigate eclogites and related rocks of the Ulstein Region. Thereafter, excursion participants, divided into two groups, will visit localities at Nordøyane, teh Brattvåg Peninsula, Fjørtoft, and Midsund

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