Regional and detailed streams sediment surveys over the Sandøla trond- hjemite and associated rocks in southern Grongfeltet.

The previously defined Sandøla and østre Skorovas Cu, Pb and Zn provinces are united and enhanced by new high-metal samples in the Fremstfjellet and Neså- piggen districts, which also define a new Mo province. The Østre Skorovas province is extended up to Tunnsjøen. Mo, Cu and Zn mineralisation has been found in the Fremstfjellet area; these elements show a good correlation between high-metal concentration in stream sediment samples and the principal underlying bedrock type. Pb or Ni mineralisation has not been found in southern Grongfeltet. The metal contents of the stream sediment samples are believed to have been influenced by geomorphological chemical and geological factors. The strongest control is estimated to have been geological for Mo and Zn, geomorphological for Pb but all factors for Cu and Ni. Several districts merit detailed follow-up studies; regional geochemical and geological mapping ought to be extended into adjacent unexplored areas. The area holds promise for finding new Mo+Cu and Cu+Zn mineralisation; there is a lower probability of finding Pb or Ni mineralisation.

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