Radiometric studies in the Meråker region: Environmental implications of anomalous levels of 137Cs

Airborne and ground-based radiometry surveys in the Meråker region have revealed unusually high concentrations of 137Cs in a bog to the north of Meråker. These anomalies were originally identified in Airborne Total count data, where they could not be correlated with Uranium, Potassium or Thorium anomalies. A 137Cs map were generated by extracting a cesium window from the Total count data which again revealed the presence of these anomalies and provided an indication that they might be due to the presence of anomalous concentrations of 137Cs. A limited programme of ground-based measurements, carried out to confirm the presence of these anomalies, reveal that 137Cs concentrations across the region as a whole generally lie within the range 2 to 6 kBq/m² in the bog at Fundaunn. Despite the limites nature of the ground measurements as general correlation is noted between the nature of the terrain and the 137Cs concen- tration measured, with the highest concentrations found in areas of dry and vegetated peat.

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