Proterozoic Geology and Scandian High-Pressure Overprinting in the Western Gneiss Region

The report is a guidebook for a four day excursion in connection to the COPENA meeting held at NGU 18.-22.Aug.1997. The first day of the excursion will visit localities in the Caledonian Nappes at Oppdal, and then continue over Sogne- fjell to Sogndal with stops along the contacts to the Jotun Nappe and in the nappe itself. The second day the excursion will continue through the Western Gneiss Region to Måløy with several stops in the Proterozoic gneisses. Many of the classic eclogite localities will be visited, eg. in Almklovdalen, at Selje and Verpeneset, and there will also be some stops in the Devonoan sedi- ments. The third day will also consentrate on the Western Gneiss Region with stops at the Fiskå anorthosite, the Ulsteinvik eclogite and then continue over to Nordøyana and visit the Haram gabbro and examine the structures in the gneisses. The last day will go from Lepsøy to Trondheim via Molde. Here the same nappe sequence as was seen at Oppdal will be visited at several locali- ties, but the nappe sequences are in places only a few meters thick.

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