Oxidates as a geochemical sampling medium in granitic terrain Final report with 3 appendices.

The main objective for the prosject is to develope a geochemical method for exploration of ores associated with granitic rocks. Oxidates were sampled in streambeds and lakes from 129 localities in Southeastern Norway. 65 of these localities are situated in the northern Oslo Graben. The samples were examined mineralogically and chemically by a variety of methods. Geochemical maps of the element content in oxidates show regional distribution patterns for several elements. Sampling and analysis of oxidates can be used in exploration for mineralizations such as the Skrukkelia Mo-deposit in the northern Oslo Graben. New anomalies (especially for Zn and W) have been detected. Appendix I contain description of samples, chemical and mineralogical determinations performed on the samples, backscatteres electron image-, X-ray image- and scanning electron image pictures of the oxidate preparates. Appendix II contain spectral plots, point analysis with the microprobe, X-ray diffractograms, analytical results, correlation coefficient matrix, scatterplots, frequency distribution and information on data storage. Appendix III contain maps of the element content in oxidates.

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