NTNF project no.MB10.20346 Geochemistry of platinum metals in ophiolites in Norway, Final report.

The project has documented the existence of several previously unknown platinum group element (PGE) mineralizations in Norwegian ophiolites, of a type previously not well-documented anywhere, i.e. stratiform platinum- palladium-gold mineralization in ultramafic cumulates in ophiolites. PGE- bearing podiform chromitite and high level Ni-Cu sulphide mineralizations have also been studied. It has been documented that PGE-enrichment in the ultramafic bodies hosting the podiform chromitites is confined to the chromitite bodies. Both the podiform chromitite and Ni-Cu sulphide miner- alizations are of such limited tonnage that they have no economic interest. The stratiform PGE mineralizations found so far, in the Leka and Lyngen ophiolites are submarginal but are sufficiently rich and of sufficient dimensions that they are considered to indicate a possible potential for mineralizations of economic interest in these complexes and in all others with well developed, laterally extensive sequences of olivine-rich ...........

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